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Keep track of your knowledge and keep it organized!

Every note is a card that can also contain cards

This is the foundation of Astenote. Every card can also contain a card. It means that the knowledge you are storing in the app can be infinitely subdivided.

That is what makes Astenote different from other note taking and kanban apps!

With the breadcrumb, you'll always know where you are!

Other note taking apps use tags which become messy once you have a lot of notes.

Astenote card management system let you tackle the complexity and make sense of your notes!

Display cards as a kanban or as rows

Change the layout from columns to rows as it best suits the data you are displaying!

Users decide what feature is going to be next!

You can vote on the next feature on the nolt board. Users opinion on what Astenote should become do matter!

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